An Insiders Guide to Getting Full Coverage For Exterior Home Repairs

Many homeowners in Chicago and surrounding suburbs have much more flexibility than they’re aware of. Getting a new roof, siding or gutter fixed can be a daunting and expensive task. To a handful of people, it can be painless and in many cases cost little to nothing. So what’s this loophole of flexibility we’re speaking of ??? It’s a called a “Public Adjuster.” Imagine a lawyer that represents the homeowner, except they don’t charge you anything. Just like a lawyer, they’ll document evidence. In this case the evidence is photos and information about your home.  They’ll represent you and speak with your insurance on your behalf. Their job is to make sure you get the maximum amount you’re entitled to. Public Adjusters are licensed professionals who have a complete understanding of all the insurance laws and lingo.



While a Public Adjuster may be a new term to some, many homeowners are familiar with the term “Insurance Adjuster.” The difference is fairly cut and dry. The Insurance adjuster looks out for the insurance company and the public adjuster… yup, you guessed it. Looks out for the public. More than often, the two of them meet at a homeowners property and go head to head. The outcome is usually decided on a few major factors: How old the home is, the extent of the damage and the type of insurance the homeowner has. The majority of all insurance companies have the ability to cover a brand new roof, siding or gutters. Many of them don’t because the homeowner doesn’t have a Public Adjuster defending them with their claim. After all, instead of filing a claim yourself wouldn’t you want a licensed professional to do it for you???





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One of the quickest ways to tell if you qualify for a brand new roof with little to no expense is by the shingles. If your home has shingles similar to the ones on the left in grey, then the odds are stacked in your favor. These are called 3-tab shingles. They were popular roughly 10+ years ago, but are not regularly used today. This generally means that the roof is older and has great potential to be fully replaced. If the Public Adjuster finds any wind damage or hail marks on these 3-tab shingles, then the homeowner is entitled to a full roof replacement.





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If your roof looks anything like the one above, the Public Adjuster can almost guarantee a full roof replacement. These shingles are known as organic 3-tab. They’re pretty much discontinued. These earth-friendly shingles seemed like a good idea over a decade ago. However many homeowners noticed extensive deterioration in as little as 5 years. In short, these shingles are not currently in circulation and are highly recommended to be replaced. If you know someone with them, we advise you to tell them that they are entitled for a full replacement with no out of pocket expense.



When a claim is properly submitted by a licensed Public Adjuster, the majority of insurance providers will cover the full cost (besides Allstate, they’re difficult). The concern that some homeowners have is usually about their premiums going up. Thankfully they don’t have to worry about that because these claims are deemed “acts of god.” In other words, the weather is out of your control, so you shouldn’t be paying more for something you have no say over.

It’s important to understand that insurance is a business. While they may seem on your side, they profit more when they give you less. So it is their duty to keep successful claims low. Also, their jobs are easier when a homeowner is filing the claim. That’s because homeowners usually aren’t submitting mountains of evidence and challenging the insurance adjuster on their roof. With the support of a Public Adjuster, the insurance has to honor the homeowner much more.



Windy City Public Adjusters have successfully represented hundreds of homeowners with both insurance claims and home upgrades. It’s been our mission to inform the public of their rights for representation. We handle both the insurance claim and all construction needed. If you’ve ever thought about upgrading the exterior of your home, you may be entitled to the majority (or all) of expenses waived.

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